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    This is the brand new and custom feature for MistHQ and its economy. It took a bit to get this done, but we hope it will make grinding and the economy more fair. To obtain higher tiers for the spawners you will need XP. All of the xp that is needed is listed in the lore of each tier. I made it so you can do /xp and see your current XP level. The black enchanted glass in the second row in the middle is a Shield. More information will be listed below.
    Tier 4

    Tier's and Shield's
    Both of these features are available for all players who play the server. The Shield can be purchased with in game money. When you mine a spawner the Tier and Shield will remain on the spawner, but when the spawner is blow up with TNT or Creeper Eggs, the shield is broken. The tier will remain but once the shield is broken the raiders will be forced to purchase it again if they are using it.

    Mineable Spawners in Claimed Land
    Typo's in lores fixed.

    All spawners are now mine-able in all land claims except ally's claimed land. But when a shield is purchased in the spawners GUI, you can purchase this and no one will be able to mine it except if they are in your faction. We added this feature to see how players would respond, its more balanced now and we hope the community will enjoy it. (EACH SPAWNER WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT PRICE FOR SHIELD'S | THEY WILL NOT BE $100 ON SOTW)

    Auto Flight

    Everyone on the server will have access to fly in only their claimed land, and also there ally's. Flight every where is available on the shop at
    With or without this purchases your flight can still be canceled if an enemy is near you or you are combat tagged. We also got this done so players can stop flying away in combat. We tried a public plugin before but those did not seem to work so we just got our own made.


    There are 9 Tiers available for each player on the server, these upgrading will only effect one spawner at a time. The max currently is Tier 9 and it will make your spawner 6x faster then the default. Imagine a whole base of these...

    Faction Claims
    No Photos needed for this new feature, for factions claims we not made it so you cant set home or log out in the faction claimed land. You may set home and logout in your Ally's faction land. Dont forget you can mine spawers in neutral and enemy claimed land, unless they have purchased a shield for there spawners. Spawners also cant be protected with blocks and water. Creeper Eggs can still blow them up if this is done.

    Portal Raiding
    Portal Raiding is an easy way to raid someone and we feel like its to easy, even though you cant log out in claimed land or set home's (Neutral and Enemy's) we added this in case. Portals being made in the nether has been disabled. Portals in the overworld can still be created but making them in the nether cannot be done.

    Armor Durability
    Armor durability has been an issue for a while based on report and complaints. This Map 3 Release we have Buffed Armor durability so now Gkits and Regular armor pieces will not break as easily. We did this because we understand whats the point in grinding if the armor just breaks. We hope this gets players grinding more.

    Faction Co-Leaders
    This map we also got this done for our server. We added Co-Leader Rank to factions, this has all the same permissions as Owner, but they just cant disband the faction. We thing this will be helpful for faction members that will be on the server at different times then there members.

    Faction Spawners
    Faction Top displays all the spawners in the claimed land already, but now when you /f who | /f show someone it will say How many Spawners they have that are Tier 1,2,3 etc.

    Genbuckets are finally fixed! We had gen buckets last map and for every map we had, but when you purchased a genbucket it reseted your cursor and you could only purchase one at a time. You are now able to spam it without moving your cursor back to the middle, and you can purchase 8 at a time (Buckets are stackable).

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    How do we get blackscrolls :D?
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    Looks nice

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