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Discussion in 'Changelog' started by PandaLordArik, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. Here you can find the latest updates and plugin additions to

    All changes made to the server will be recorded in this thread and will be constantly updated.

    ChangeLog 0.1:
    - Global Ranks
    - Void Instant Kill
    - Ban Page
    - Banlist Reset
    - Server Purge
    - Server Whitelisted

    ChangeLog 0.2:
    - Join Queue
    - New Hub
    - Banlist Reset
    - Fallen Heroes Boss
    - Koth's Edited
    - New Map Generated
    - Anti Cheat Update.

    ChangeLog 0.3:
    - Join Queue/ Priority Queue
    - Fallen Heroes Boss Nerfed.
    - Crate Keys Nerfed.
    - Cannoning Fixed (Beta Testing Required)
    - LabyMod is now ban-able.

    ChangeLog 0.4:
    - AutoClicker on PC is ban-able.
    - Kit's Edited
    - Ranks Edited
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